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Website Production Gold Plan

This is a design with all pages made to order.
We will proceed with work while getting you to confirm each page design.

An example plan for reference purposes

gold3 gold4 Basic configuration charge (7+ static pages)
from 165,000 yen + Tax
[The charge will vary depending on the number of pages, content, etc.]

Basic configuration

One enquiry form
[Fixed items: name, e-mail address, e-mail address confirmation, address, phone number, content]
Slideshow, etc. via JQuery (one (basic))


+For each additional page:
from 14,200 yen + Tax
[The charge will vary depending on the content/revision quantity.]

CMS’s WordPress introduction
from 55,000 yen + Tax
[Depending on the specifications, such as introduction into only the notification column or into every page, etc.]

We also produce bilingual websites with a Japanese version and an English version.
If you need  translation, I recommend follows.

The above is an example plan for reference purposes.
For each customer, we offer proposals for site configuration and quotation.

*The map will be provided via Google Maps.
*Access analysis is provided via Google Analytics.

・The content quantity for one page has its fee calculated with a yardstick of being within an A4 size page.
・Charges for domains/rental servers are not included in the above.
・For the original text for Japanese and English that are placed when conducting website production, please prepare this using digital data. Translation fees are not included in the above.
・The server environment requires PHP 5.2.x or above (when CMS is introduced, MySQL5.x or above is required)
・Can handle IE9 up to the latest version at the time of website production, FireFox/Google Chrome/Safari’s latest version at the time of production
・Mobile site/smartphone site production charges are not included.
・With process use of images that you have provided or stock photos as a prerequisite, illustrations and suchlike production charges are not included.
・In accordance with the configured contents and design, production charges may change.

Please contact us if you are interested in our Web Design & Development services.


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