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Flow of Building a Website

■ The Flow of the Website Production as a whole (design, html coding, system incorporation)

In regard to the site design, this proceeds in a form that is based on the schedule chart, while confirming each page. For example, if there is no problem with the top page’s layout design, then html coding is conducted with that page being in a reviewable state on the web browser.

Additionally, with the top page’s layout design as a base, progress is made in terms of the design of the lower pages. Once html coding is completed, it is incorporated into the CMS system.

After entering into the html coding work, revisions are made into that design, and then the design of the lower pages is entered into. Afterwards, once revisions are entered into for the design of the higher pages, separate charges will apply, so please do keep that in mind.

Additionally,the content quantity of one page is treated as approximately the size of one A4 page, and if this is surpassed considerably, additional charges will apply.

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